College Student Storage in 77007: Find Storage Units Near Your Campus in Houston

If you’re a college student at Rice University, Texas Southern University, University of Houston, or University of St. Thomas who needs self storage near Rice Military, you’ve come to the right place! We can help you find affordable college student storage close to your campus.

Why Do College Students in Houston Use Self Storage?

The reason why college students across the nation utilize self storage all comes down to living spaces. Dorm rooms and apartments can be cramped. Moving between home and school can be a hassle. Even paying rent for a dorm room or apartment that’s not being used during a study-abroad trip can cause problems. Here’s how renting college storage helps in these situations:

Off-Campus Living

For students who choose to live in Downtown Houston, for example, getting more space is going to cost more money. Instead of renting larger apartments, some students choose smaller, less expensive spaces and move seasonal items or things they don’t use as often to storage.

Study-Abroad Trips

When students study abroad, they often need temporary places to store dorm room or apartment belongings safely until they return, and storage is usually the easiest option.

Moving Out of the Dorms

Since most schools don’t allow students to stay in dorm rooms during summer break, they have to move all of their furniture and belongings back home. For out-of-state students, this can be particularly stressful. Rather than stuffing their cars full or renting moving trucks, students will turn to self storage to keep their college things close to campus until the fall.

Common Storage Unit Sizes Used by College Students

It’s important for college students who are searching for Houston self storage to know what storage unit sizes they need and not overpay for more space than they need. The sizes most often rented by students are:

5×5: This unit is the size of a large closet and fits much more than you would think. Students who have boxes and some small furniture to store will find this size useful.

5×10: This unit is the size of a walk-in closet and can hold a mattress set, small furniture, and several boxes. It’s great for any student storing a single bedroom’s worth of contents.

10×10: This unit has 100 square feet of storage space, meaning it’s best used by students who need to store the contents of a small apartment with living room, kitchen, and bedroom furniture.

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