Car & Motorcycle Storage in Houston: Secure, Convenient Vehicle Storage in 77007

Do you need somewhere to store a car or motorcycle in 77007? With a storage facility in Houston, TX, that offers vehicle storage, you can get more space in your driveway or garage and protect your car or motorcycle. Use the information below to find secure storage near Rice Military!

Why Use Car & Motorcycle Storage in Houston

Vehicle storage is a great option for anyone in Houston who needs a safe place to store a car or motorcycle. Whether you’re tired of having to move other vehicles around an unused vehicle at home, or you simply want a secure garage for a weekend roadster or motorcycle, a storage facility in 77007 that offers storage for cars and motorcycles is a great option!

Here are a few situations where Houston vehicle storage can help:

  • When you have a second car, classic car, sports car, or motorcycle you only use occasionally
  • When there’s no parking or garages available at your apartment building
  • When you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to paying for a monthly parking garage
  • When you need more space in your garage or driveway at home
  • When you travel frequently and don’t want to leave your car sitting outside
  • When you’re deployed overseas for several months or years


Types of Car & Motorcycle Storage

Among storage facilities in Houston, you’ll typically find three storage options for your car or motorcycle: indoor, covered, and outdoor.

Each offers advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to consider. For example: Do you want a more affordable storage option for your vehicle at the expense of more protection, or would you prefer to pay more for better coverage?

Keep in mind that not every facility will offer all three options, so it’s important to determine what kind of vehicle storage you need for your car or motorcycle before searching through 77007 storage facilities.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

An indoor, drive-up access storage unit is one of the best ways to protect your car or motorcycle because it has a roof, walls, and garage door to fully cover your vehicle. Motorcycles can fit in storage unit sizes between 5×10 and 10×15, and cars (depending on type and size) can fit in 10×20 and 10×30. In many cases, this will be the most expensive option.

Covered Vehicle Storage

With covered storage, you get a covered parking spot for your car or motorcycle that will provide some protection from weather. Some covered vehicle stalls will have walls; others will only have a roof. Be sure to check with the facility on exactly how covered the parking space will be if you’re concerned about weather-related damage.

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

Though outdoor parking at a vehicle storage facility means your vehicle is susceptible to damage caused by weather, outdoor vehicle storage is typically the most affordable option for storing a car or motorcycle.

Storage Features to Consider

When looking for Houston car and motorcycle storage, you’ll also want to look into the facility’s available self storage features. For vehicle storage, the most important features are security and access hours, as these affect how safe your car or motorcycle is in self storage and how easy it is to stop by the storage facility to pick up or drop off your vehicle.

Self Storage Security

When storing a vehicle, security is important. Your car or motorcycle is an investment that you want to protect, so check with storage facilities in 77007 to see if they offer security features like electronic gate access, perimeter fencing, or video surveillance.

Storage Facility Access Hours

Not all Houston storage facilities will have the same business hours. If you plan to take your car or motorcycle out of storage on a regular basis, knowing access hours is crucial. You don’t want to get to your facility to pick up your weekend car only to find out the facility is only open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Try to find storage facilities with 24-hour access to ensure you’ll never miss your window.

How Much Does Car & Motorcycle Storage Cost?

Self storage prices in the Rice Military area are not definite. They continually fluctuate and depend on the facility you choose. Here is an idea of the car and motorcycle storage prices you will see in 77007 based on a 5×10 storage space and a 10×20 storage space:

5×10 for Motorcycles: $70-$131

10×20 for Cars, Motorcycles: $125-$308