Boat Storage in Houston: Accessible, Secure Vehicle Storage Near Rice Military

Need a place to store your boat in 77007? You can keep your boat safe and out of your way at a Houston, TX, storage facility that offers vehicle storage. Use the information below to find a boat storage solution!

Why Use Boat Storage in Houston

Boat owners in Houston love fishing, cruising, and enjoying water sports out at Burnet Bay, Tabbs Bay, or one of Houston’s nearby rivers and lakes. Some even make weekend trips down to Galveston or Corpus Christi. But when boats aren’t in the water, where do boat owners keep them?

Storing your boat at home might give you more peace of mind because you’re able to keep an eye on it, but a boat takes up valuable space in a garage or driveway and easily gets in the way of other vehicles, which can lead to accidents. You also have to worry about HOA rules in your neighborhood that could keep you from parking your boat at home. This is where boat storage in 77007 can be a great option!

Here are a few situations where boat storage can help:

  • When you don’t have a big enough garage or driveway to store your boat at home
  • When your neighborhood has HOA rules that don’t allow you to keep a boat in your driveway
  • When you don’t have a spot for your boat at a bay marina or at a lake
  • When you can’t keep your boat in the water year-round


Types of Boat Storage

Indoor, covered, and outdoor are the boat storage options you’ll find among storage facilities in 77007. Not every facility will have all three options, which is why it’s good to decide what type of coverage you want for your boat before searching through Houston storage facilities.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

In most cases, indoor boat storage is the most expensive option for storing your boat. That’s because this fully enclosed storage space is essentially an oversized garage. It keeps your boat out of severe weather conditions and provides an extra layer of security. If paying more each month for indoor storage isn’t a concern for you, this is the recommended option.

Covered Vehicle Storage

Depending on the storage facility, covered boat storage can be anything from a covered stall with a few walls or a parking stall in a vehicle storage warehouse. This type of boat storage is a good option if you want some coverage for your boat but don’t want to pay the monthly rent for an indoor boat storage space.

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

While outdoor vehicle storage doesn’t provide as much protection for your boat, it’s usually the more affordable storage option. If you choose outdoor storage for your boat, be sure you have a high-quality boat cover, slip, or wrap to protect the interior of your boat while it sits in outdoor storage.

Storage Features to Consider

Boats are big investments, which means you’ll want a Houston storage facility that can adequately protect that investment. When searching for boat storage, the most important features to look for among facilities are access hours and security.


When looking for a 77007 storage facility that offers boat storage, be sure the facility has good security features that will protect your boat while it’s in storage. These will be advanced security measures, such as electronic gate access, perimeter fencing, on-site managers, and video surveillance.

Access Hours

Business hours and access hours at every facility will be different. It’s good to look into this ahead of selecting a storage facility in Houston so you don’t wind up going to pull your boat out of storage on the weekend only to find that the facility’s not open. If you’re not sure when you’ll need your boat, check with facilities to see if they offer extended hours or 24-hour access.

Wide-Drive Aisles

Storage facilities that have wide-drive aisles help prevent accidental damage caused when towing or parking your boat at the facility because you’re able to maneuver through the property without getting stuck, scraping your boat against the side of a building, or hitting another vehicle.

How Much Does Boat Storage Cost?

Boat storage prices in 77007 continually fluctuate and depend on the facility. Here is an idea of the boat storage prices you will see in Houston based on a 10×20 storage space and a 13×30 storage space:

10×20 for Boats: $65-$308

13×30 for Boats: $285-$423