College Student Storage Near Rice University in 77007

Looking for a storage solution near Rice University? We can help you find a Houston storage facility close to campus where you can keep dorm belongings over summer break or while you’re studying abroad. Use the information below to learn more about college storage!

Why Use College Student Storage

Summer Storage

For out-of-state Rice University students, it’s not always economical to take all of your belongings home with you. By renting a storage unit for the summer, you can begin the move out process early and keep things close to your college to make move in quick and easy at the start of first semester.

Living Off Campus

If you decide to live off campus, instead of paying more for a larger apartment, reduce your costs by storing some belongings you don’t use often in storage and opt for a smaller space.

Studying Abroad

Rather than moving everything home or continuing to pay for a dorm room or apartment you’re not using, use a storage unit to protect your belongings and keep them near campus while you study abroad.

How to Save Money on College Student Storage

Rent the Right Unit Size

Storage unit sizes that work best for college students range between 5×5 and 10×10 units, depending on how much furniture you have. Don’t rent a larger space than you need.

Compare Prices

The same unit size will have different prices from facility to facility. When searching for storage near Rice University, don’t always go with what’s closest, as something a mile or two farther could be a better deal.

Ask About Discounts

Just as prices will be different wherever you go, discounts will be as well. Ask storage facilities if they offer special rates or if they have student discounts.

Rent Earlier

Don’t wait until the last week of school to search for storage. End of semesters are busy times for storage facilities, which could cause prices to rise and certain discounts to be removed. So begin your search three or four weeks in advance of your semester ending.

Climate-Controlled Storage for Summer

Living in Houston is great, but the hot and humid climate during the summer can be rough on many of your belongings if you don’t take the proper precautions. Be sure to rent climate-controlled storage if you plan to store any of the following:

  • wooden tables, chairs, or dressers
  • TVs, gaming consoles, computer towers, laptops, or hard drives
  • fabric couches or recliners
  • mattresses and box springs
  • photos, books, artwork
  • musical instruments

Storage Unit Prices Nearby

Check out some of the prices for storage units around Rice University in 77007!

  • 5×5: $61-$77
  • 5×10: $93-$129
  • 10×10: $151-$215