Climate-Controlled Storage in Rice Military: Why You Want Climate Control in Houston

Humidity and extreme heat can damage many common storage items, especially over an extended period of time. Figuring out if you need climate-controlled storage in 77007 is an important part of renting storage in the area. Use the information below to make your decision.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are typically kept at a temperature between 55°F and 85°F to ensure that items being stored aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures. Storage units with climate control are often located inside of building structures and not accessible from the outside like drive-up storage units are.

Why use climate-controlled storage in 77007?

When storing items that are valuable to you, climate control can provide additional peace of mind. This is especially true when storing items long-term. If an item is important enough to store, it’s important enough to keep in good condition. For some items, climate-controlled storage is necessary to avoid damage. This is especially true during the summer in Houston.

What items can be damaged by Houston’s heat and humidity?

Electronics, musical instruments, paper-based items like books and photos, artwork, clothing, and furniture can be damaged by heat and humidity, which means they shouldn’t be kept in uncontrolled environments. These are items you’ll want to store in climate-controlled storage.

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